Sjoerd Vroonland runs his own furniture label Vroonland and designs furniture and interiors for other labels, projects and private customers. He is a master of revised crafts. Best known for his “extension chair” that became an instant icon of the Dutch Design label MOOOI. Soon to be best known as designer of the first 44 piece collection for the new design label REVISED. At age 16 his life changed. The day he entered the wood workshop in college and got his hands on a piece of oak, something clicked between his head, heart and hands. He was able to apply and express himself in a way he had not known until that moment. Sjoerd discovered that his native language was wood, not words. This experience set Sjoerd on a lifelong journey of discovery and experimentation. Creating dialogs between legacy craft, high-tech innovation and modern day living. As a designer he is always thinking on two fronts: sincere construction and sensorial experience. Using form language to show simply how a piece is made. While at the same time engaging all the senses by applying generous loving attention to detail in shape, material and touch.



Sjoerd Vroonland (1985) studied at the Hout- en Meubileringscollege (Wood and Furniture college) in Rotterdam. In 2005 he did an intership at Richard Hutten. After that he wanted to specialise in product design and decided to go to art school. In 2010 he graduated cum laude at the ArtEZ Academy with his collection ‘Revised Crafts’ and started his own furniture design label. First with a partner Arjan Vaandrager. Both their visions and knowledge in creativity and technology led them to create fresh and contemporary designs. In 2014 the design duo decided that Sjoerd would continue their vision on his own under the name Vroonland.



The collection Vroonland is reminiscent of authentic design treasures – it reflects both what they used to be and what they still are today. The innovative designs are inspired by classic compositions from design history and are created using the materials, techniques and forms that we all know. From the archetypal saddle to the antique clothespin, Vroonland uses the best features of time-honoured design and finds new ways to apply them.

The strength of the products from Vroonland lies in the encounter between materials. Between framework and lampshade, between table and leg, the materials are uncompromised and the line of work can be clearly seen. Instead of hiding all the technical detailing, the designer focuses on the beauty of structure. The result is as sober as it is poetic and makes the furniture even more engaging.