Moooi Carpets Bubble Rugs by Sjoerd Vroonland

A single soap bubble possesses an exquisite perfect circular form. When combined, beautiful natural patterns are created due to their ability to adopt a shape. This makes the sum of their surfaces as small as possible. These soap bubbles are a great example of the unconscious comfort people find in natural patterns and shapes. Sjoerd Vroonland has taken this need for comfort and transformed it into Moooi Carpets Bubble Rugs.

Moooi carpets Bubble Natural

A soap bubble, transparent at first glance, but on careful inspection visibly filled with swirling rainbows of color – chaos at its finest. This dance of clashing colors forms a hypnotic view, which is reassuring at the same time. These most magnificent array of colors in the bubble are caused by light bouncing into and out of it’s walls.

Moooi Carpets Bubble Yellow

Vroonland has taken a close look at this striking process and managed to capture it in two beautifully colored and highly detailed rugs. One of them in the form of a composition of soap bubbles. The other in a round shape where a magnifying glass is held on the beautiful details of this natural process, named “Zoom”. These bubble rugs are released in three fantastic color combinations. Two moderately neutral colors (Bubble Yellow & Bubble Natural) and a high-contrast explosion of colors (Bubble Oil).

Moooi Carpets Bubble Rugs by Sjoerd Vroonland are available in various colors, materials and sizes. For more information and pricing you can visit our Shop or check out Moooi Carpets.

Moooi carpets Bubble Oil