Forbo Flooring System Design Project Installation: designers go back to the past in the now with the Allura premium floor. 

Sjoerd Vroonland‘ The classical, black oak floor in a herring bone layout was my starting point. This floor refers to long ago days and craftsmanship, just like our design products that we have featured in this setting. In the studio we create and craft our own products and mirror old techniques into present furniture. This is shown in our designs, we use traditional techniques to make new creations and connections, we call it the creation of a neo-nostalgic feel.’

‘For this Allura Premium floor I have created a Sjoerd Vroonland installation that shows a fantasy tree, made from a classical chair that grows into the space in which it is placed. It allows the whole set to exude a museum like, almost mystical atmosphere.  Just like the bead mirror that refers to a period in time in which necklaces were made by hand. The pin shade and pin table were used to emphasize the craftsmanship of the oak herring bone floor.’
forbo sjoerd


forbo sjoerd vroonland THE MAKING OF