Revised International launch

Everyone needs space to reflect, revise and fall in love with life again and again.

We all want to revise our lives at a certain moment in time, take a new challenge on board. Keep the good things in life and add another layer of inspiration. The word “REVISED” is a different story for each of us. What we share is the human ability to review, reconsider, reflect and refresh. That is exactly what makes us feel wonderful and take charge of life.

Our aim with the new design label Revised is to create timeless atmospheres and emotions by exploring our most inspiring legacies with present day knowledge.

Revised’s founders and creative directors Suzy & Casper Vissers and the first collection’s exclusive designer Sjoerd Vroonland, committed two years ago to research, envision and realise this monumental challenge.

Revised International Launch 11th April 2018