Sand carpets for Moooi by: Sjoerd Vroonland

We all have childhood memories of playing with sand on beaches, creating all kinds of creatures, shapes and patterns, discovering the creative possibilities of the tiny grains. Something magical happens there in the sand which drives our imagination. The nature of sand is known for its fluidity and cohesion. These carpets show the intensity between its natural behavior, its gravity and the manipulation of shaping patterns. Shining a light on what you want to focus on to reveal the natural beauty of the elements. Sand shaping is by definition a soothing and sensorial experience. You can find this minimalism of design combined with the warm sand-tones that makes a calming presence in your home at Moooi Carpets.

Calm Minimalism

The Sand Carpet brings calming minimalistic qualities into your home while reminding you of the joy of playing in the sand.

Timeless – Midnight Dunes / Morning Dunes
Chemistry – Midnight Dunes / Morning Dunes
Tide – Midnight Dunes / Morning Dunes

Sand Carpets are also available at Moooi Carpets in 2 colors, 6 models, multiple sizes and different carpet materials.